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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my innovation to Rodan + Fields?

Simply fill-out the two-step form with your innovation by providing any non-confidential information for a preliminary review.

Who can submit innovation proposals?

Rodan + Fields is looking to review proposals from individual inventors, companies, and university research centers from around the globe.

What kind of innovation proposals are Rodan + Fields currently looking to review?

We are looking for innovative technologies that solve specific dermatological and cosmetic skincare or other personal care concerns, including active ingredients, formulated products, tools and devices.

How will the proposal be evaluated?

Proposals will be evaluated based on strategic fit, brand fit, operational viability, and commercial attractiveness.

Who will review my submission?

The Rodan + Fields Business Development R&D team collaboratively reviews all submissions.

How long will it take to hear back about a submitted proposal?

Rodan + Fields’ Business Development team will endeavor to respond to you within 28 days of submission, however, Rodan + Fields may not be able to provide any response to you or explanation as to Rodan + Fields’ actions or inaction. If Rodan + Fields wishes to further pursue the opportunity with you, we will reach out directly to move forward to discuss next steps.

What information is required when submitting an innovation?

A clear description of the innovative proposal and its differentiating factors that make it unique.

The form allows for a typed description of the proposal as well as documents to be attached. If you have patents, images, graphs, and other explanatory documents (safety, stability, efficacy, etc.), please attach those to the submission so that Rodan + Fields can better assess the opportunity.

Please do not submit any information that is confidential.

Can I submit an innovation that is not patented or patent pending?

Do not submit suggestions, ideas or thoughts that do not include protectable intellectual property. We will allow the submission of serious proposals from individual inventors, companies, or university research centers, however, depending upon the nature of the innovation, we may, at our sole discretion, decline to review your submission for any reason.

Patents protect the legal rights of your innovation. Rodan + Fields cannot advise on whether you should pursue a patent or other intellectual property protection for your innovation. Please consider whether you wish to consult an attorney about ways to protect the content of your submission before you submit it to Rodan + Fields.

Will Rodan + Fields sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before I submit my innovation for review?

No, the Concept to Commerce innovation portal is for submissions containing non-confidential information that you wish to share for initial review. If Rodan + Fields wishes to further pursue the opportunity with you, we will reach out directly to move forward to discuss next steps.

What kinds of business relationships can result from my innovation submission?

This varies depending on the details of the proposal. Possible deals may include licensing, R&D collaborations, or acquisitions.

How will Rodan + Fields use my personal information in my submission?

Rodan + Fields will use the information provided with your proposal to evaluate the submission and to contact you regarding the nature of the proposal. The information will not be shared with any third-party vendors. Please see Rodan + Fields’ privacy policy located at for more information about use of your information.

Will Rodan + Fields return my submission?

Rodan + Fields will not be able to return any materials included in your submission, or delete or destroy materials that may reside in its files or databases.

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